Euroopa telemaastik – EAO uuringud ja raportid

YEARBOOK 2020/2021. KEY TRENDS. Television, cinema, video and on-demand audiovisual services – the Pan-European picture.
European Audiovisual Observatory väljaanne. Muuhulgas:
– TV fiction: High-end TV series lead production growth
– Pre-Brexit fragmentation of TV channel supply
– SVOD erodes linear TV viewing
– Diversity and inclusion in the audiovisual industries
– TV production: European consolidation and internationalisation
– Measures taken in the audiovisual sector

Audiovisual Media Services in Europe 2020. Supply figures and AVMSD jurisdiction claims. Koostanud Agnes Schneeberger, avaldatud juulis 2021.
Based on the analyses of 2020 figures from the Observatory’s MAVISE database, this publication offers insights from two perspectives. The first focuses on the supply of audiovisual media (AV) services in Europe, presenting figures for television, on-demand services and video-sharing platforms available in and originating from the European market. It also includes information on AV services aimed at non-domestic markets.
The second perspective looks at which countries and which legislation cover these services, in other words the jurisdiction claims made under the revised European Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD), including the criteria on which these claims are based.

VOD Trends in Europe 2017-2022. EAO 9.11.2022 avaldatud uurimisraport.