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Ibrus, Indrek; Kõnno, Andres (2021). Public value of Public Service Media archives and data: The case of Estonian Public Service Media. Working Paper 1/2021 of “Public Value of Open Cultural Data”. Tallinn: Tallinn University Center of Excellence in Media Innovation and Digital Culture (MEDIT). Publishing date 7.06.2021.

With public broadcasters under pressure across Europe, explaining the value they bring to societies becomes increasingly urgent. While the BBC pioneered some of the efforts of public broadcasters in this area, they are now exploring new avenues to understand their impact and deliver more meaningful and impactful arguments about their role. To that end, the BBC commissioned a new piece of research to design a new framework based on the idea of dynamic public value. This new approach presents a more comprehensive perspective of the impact of the BBC, which includes its role as a market shaper.

Uuringumaterjali Creating and measuring dynamic public value at the BBC tutvustati 18.05.2021, tekst on kättesaadav siit.